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Our Story

We're a technology and product advisory service based in Melbourne, Australia. We've learned our craft and honed our skills over 30+ years in defining, developing, and marketing hi-tech products for startups and big-tech companies in the California Bay Area (Silicon Valley), Seattle, Cambridge (UK), and right here in Australia.

We've also seen the other side as a customer and consumer, building large, nationwide networks. So we figure we have a good grasp of how vendors operate and what matters to customers. 

In 2021, opened our doors in Melbourne as Sazoma Systems—back where it all began. We learned a lot in those years in the US and UK. We believe we have some valuable insights to pass on and help you on your innovation and product development journey. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients innovate with repeatable and sustainable product management practices that bring value to their customers and drive growth 

Our Beliefs

We believe everything starts with what your customers are trying to accomplish—the job or problems  they are trying to overcome. Your customer's problems become our units of analysis and starting point to deliver something great. 

Our Philosophy

We won't just fly in and fly out. We'll help you and your team with an innovation and product development process you can apply again and again for sustainable growth and success 

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Guy Brunsdon

Founder & Managing Director

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Guy is the Founder and Principal of Sazoma Systems. Guy founded Sazoma Systems in 2021 after returning to Melbourne after almost 20 years in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), Seattle, and Cambridge, UK. He led product management and technical marketing teams at Cisco, VMware, VCE, Citrix, and Context Relevant in hybrid cloud, data centre switching, Service Provider, storage networking, converged infrastructure, High-Performance Computing (HPC), compute virtualisation, and predictive analytics. 

Before heading to the US in 2001, Guy specialised in network architecture and was the chief network architect of Telstra's national corporate IP network. Guy also founded and led a 10-person consultancy specialising in network architecture, engineering, and operations. 

Many years of architecting and building infrastructure and then marketing and product managing hardware and software products and solutions have exposed Guy to a number of product management frameworks and approaches. e.g. Pragmatic, Continuous Discovery, Design Thinking, Agile, and the various flavours of JTBD (Jobs-To-Be-Done). He believes they all bring value in different stages of the product development and innovation process. 

Guy holds a B.Sc. (Computer Science, Statistics) from the University of Melbourne and is a Member of the AICD (MAICD). 

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